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In terms of work, we've ground to a halt. I can't find our translators, so we're trying to track them down (Doesn't help the two of them live on the West Coast, while the rest of the team is on the East Coast. Anyone in the Los Angeles area, please track down ScarVes and Adana).

>.> They better come back with the final versions of 3b and most of 4a... Grr...

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For those of you who are interested in light novels (including FMP!), I'm going to assume that the way you got interested in them was through manga and anime. If you did, then today is a very sad day.

Today, One Manga announced that they were going to abide by the wishes of the Japanese community and dismantle their website. This means that Americans and British can no longer get English scanlations of Japanese materials anymore (Well, from One Manga. The others should still be up). In fact, the only place where you SHOULD get them is through your bookseller (And we all know just how far behind those are). As it stands, the translation community is now at a cross-roads. One Manga was one of the primary groups facilitating the release of Japanese materials in the United States, and now, they are disappearing.

I doubt a petition would do much, but I sure as hell want to start one. This is perhaps one of the most BULLSHIT moves I have ever seen. While I'll agree that the Japanese artists lose a bit of revenue by having their manga online over here, it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to obtain Japanese manga and anime without these people (TokyoPop? Ha. The number of series they put out in a month is LAUGHABLE at best). Many groups are dedicated towards bringing Japanese materials to the United States. In fact, without One Manga, many people here would not know or even care about Japanese manga/anime. This move by the Japanese artist community is a spiteful one, which has served to demolish the base that we have been working to build up, whose goal is to bring manga and anime to the US. So I'll say this:

I don't give a damn what the Japanese manga community does anymore.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't hate their series now. But I enjoy their materials on a weekly basis because I don't HAVE a weekly Shonen Jump over here in America. I bought their stuff before because I wanted to help support their work. They are now spitting in our faces and saying we have to wait YEARS to catch up with the storyline's they so joyously have created... And I cannot accept this. Kurohime is a great manga to read, and very deep, but the chances of it receiving syndication in the US are almost NONE. Bleach, High School of the Dead, Naruto, Sekirei, Kurohime, Fairy Tail, Full Metal Alchemist, Detective Conan, One Piece, and countless other series (Most of which will NEVER RECEIVE SYNDICATION IN THE US) are now being forced to stop translating or find illegal hosts. To which I say:

FUCK OFF. Japanese manga authors, you make great works. But for many of your works, I can't read them for years after you write them, because of a smaller community over here. So, with all due sincerity, I will continue to read your materials online, but I will no longer go into stores to purchase them. Because, hell, they aren't even IN STORES OVER HERE.

Full Metal Panic! has been syndicated for years. However, it has been published at such a slow pace in the US that we have LITERALLY had to translate it ourselves, because the corporation that SUPPOSEDLY is translating won't be up to date for another 2 YEARS AT MINIMUM. Assuming that they don't pause to do different light novels instead (After all, Ending Day By Day won't even be released until FEBRUARY NEXT YEAR).

Time is money. And the Japanese manga authors waste our time, so don't expect me to give them my money. Cheers.

Just felt this needed to be mentioned. Feel free to respond below. Read One Manga's whole statement at www.onemanga.com

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*UltimateKane99 walks on stage, does a double take*

You guys stuck with us despite this painful period of time? I'm so honored. T-T We don't deserve your patience...

Anyway, I need to apologize again. This is the first time that our translation group has been able to meet in the past month. In that time frame, Adana is now a rocket scientist (I'm not even kidding), Hurricane was prepared for and held a concert, and ScarVes is now a nuclear physicist (still not kidding), and I am now a grade A software engineer (I probably built your OS. >.> Yeah).

Anyway, we have almost translated 4A (Holy crap! We flew through 4A!), but that doesn't really mean jack when we had to put 3C on hold for this term. >.< We should be finishing it up in the next few weeks, and then finishing 4A sometime in the next half year. HOPEFULLY.

One of you guys seriously needs to come up here and knock our professors out for... What, one day? We've gotten so used to insane workloads that if you did that, we'd probably translate all the way to SINT in that day. :P

In the mean time, our last finals are tomorrow! And then we'll go off to our internships. >.< Then you guys need to knock out our bosses instead of our professors.

Also, I haven't played a video game in over a month. WHAT THE FUCK.

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After much pain and anguish, though. Actually, in the middle of much pain and anguish. X_X

WPI is currently sucking our souls out in the C term, with ScarVes working on her MQP, Adana working on 200 odd things at the same time, Hurricane slugging through Statics (It's a bitchy physics course...) and Linear Algebra (And some funny psychology course about gender, but we won't go into that), while I am getting beaten up by the rest of the team (I'm evidently a good punching bag) ON TOP of the fact that I have Foundations (A SERIOUSLY confusing course sometimes), a painful history course, and an ATROCIOUSLY PROFESSIONAL 3D Modeling course.

So, as it stands, we are TOTALLY AND UTTERLY GETTING SCREWED BY WPI! It is, to quote a famous website, playing the drunk frat boy to our ugly girl home alone (If you don't know what I'm talking about, search "French Military Victories". It's the first one. :D Anyway)

As a result, translation has dropped from "Damn, this is difficult", to "HOLY HELL! WE CAN'T STOP THE TIDE OF WORK!!! BLARGABAGGLE!", upon which we were crushed with paperwork, hopelessly clawing in the general direction of the translation work that we want to do.

Hopefully, the nonsense and funny jokes will endear you to our situation. If not, we're sorry.

In all seriousness, the translation work has ground down to a crawl. We still are working at it, but we've been going through some hell right now. Hopefully we'll actually finish this (along with our apartment searches and bill stuff and singing) before break. Which is in March. FOL. (Which is Our instead of My) But we're finally slowing down a bit, so we can ACTUALLY GET SOME TRANSLATING DONE!!! HOLY CRAP!!!

Plus, Adana may start getting paid (in credit) for this, so that's further incentive to finish these translations.

Cheers! Wish we could actually have something more for you guys, but that's the way the cookie explodes in our face.

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It is with a ridiculously happy expression on my face that I bring you the the following news:

We've finished our translating! Now we are proofing!

We've still got about 3-4 weeks of work left, but the proofing is going well, and Adana is giving us consistent updates on the progress of the translation and the total work left in the translating. However, (hopefully) within the next 3-4 weeks, both shutazen and Ravyn will be getting copies of our beta version of 3b (with Ravyn's chapter 3b and our 3c mixed together), and we will then release the full version! Yay! The end is (kinda) in sight!

The 3-4 weeks is tentative at best, because, last time I swore by a deadline, we all ended up sitting there thinking, "WTF?!? No translation? Boo!"

Anyway, Adana has started on 4a and is continuing the proofing of 3b/c with Hurricane and I, so, HOPEFULLY, we will be done soon. Here's hoping!


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Whee!!! We're back! And we have nothing to show for it!

-_- Yeah, I know. Extenuating circumstances, but still don't have anything. :( Yeah... (If you are interested, it's in the PS at the bottom)

Anyway, now that we're back, it's full steam into translating. Whee! We have 5 dozen different kinds of Pocky and Pretz, and enough energy to run over 5 freshman in the process. :D

In all fairness, we've got a fair amount, too. Still, we're working fast to get a new chapter up... Finally. >.>

Anyway, we're back together, and Adana is working on translating. Hopefully, we'll be finished with the chapter soon!

PS. Adana got mono, worked her ass off on a stage, slept in a recording studio because she was so busy, and in general had a horribly busy summer. That's why I could never get in contact with her. T-T Unfortunate, but true. :( That's the ONLY reason why we haven't finished this chapter yet. We hope to be done soon. Sorry!

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I said that there would be a release in this post. However, it's not our release (sorry, that's still a little ways off).

Dasvik literally got back to me within 5 minutes of my posting the previous message (at which point I had, of course, run off to my Xbox 360 to relive the fun of the original Splinter Cell. :D Oops on my part!), and proceeded to tell me that he was completely done the translation, but hadn't posted it yet, because he wanted one last proofing. :D Huzzah! In the next email, he gave me the links to all 3 of his releases.

So, without further ado, the first two chapters of Fighting Boy Meets Girl, all prepared for your enjoyment, courtesy of dasvik and whoever he has proofreading his translations! :D

Prologue: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7QUJSG7G
Chapter 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5PKKWT9M
Chapter 2: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7J9HU3Y9

At which point, upon giving me the translations, I proceeded to sit on them for five days...


In other news, Splinter Cell is awesome! XD

Anyway, please enjoy dasvik's translations! Cheers!

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Well, I've been toying with the idea of giving you guys some information for the past few months...

The only problem is that I haven't had any information.

Well, let's list things, shall we?

Hurricane: Still driving herself into the ground on the farm, but will be in Denver on the 8th (I think?) for personal reasons. I hope to ambush her some time during her visit and drag her down to Sakura Square in downtown Denver. :P

Adana: Currently working hard at being a backstage/filler actress. She's working pretty much every day for 12 hours a day, so she's swamped with work. However, she gets days off occasionally, and during those days she evidently does nothing but work on translating. So I came up with a possible percentage of how far our translating has gone (listed below).

ScarVes: If you thought Adana was busy, you have no idea how ScarVes is doing. Since she returned to China and finished her trip with Adana, she has taken three jobs, including professional subbing and dubbing of Japanese anime into Chinese, English teaching jobs, and something to do with forum web design/assistance. We'll count ourselves lucky if ScarVes returns without any emotional scarring. :P

Me: Searched for jobs for the first month, then said, "screw it!" and jumped into a swimming pool, whereupon I came to the conclusion that job hunting in this economy sucks, and have proceeded to study Computer Science stuff (XML, Java, and Python in particular), with anime breaks in between.

Since I'm evidently the laziest out of all four of us (and yet, surprisingly driven when it comes to entertainment), I've been running around the web, saying hi, promoting the group, etc. and yadda yadda.

Anyway, now we get to the point that you guys were all wondering about:

1) Fighting Boy Meets Girl:
Haven't heard from dasvik since the last message I sent to you all, so I'm going to email him again and find out what happened to the second chapter.

2) Progression of the translation:
As I said, I came up with a rough percentage of how the translation is going. I got a rough number (almost arbitrary, but I actually tried to hold to it), and left it on the FMP Abstractica forums, located at http://fmp.abstratica.org/phpBB2/index.php. If you are interested, they've got some fun threads there.

As I see it, this is somewhat what the translation looks like
90% done translation of 3B (Half by Ravyn, half by Adana)
55% done editing of 3B (Hurricane and my jobs, but half still done by Ravyn)
0% packaging in pdf format for 3B (my job)

As you can see, we're ALMOST there (about a month ago, Adana said she had 8 pages to finish translating, which was significantly less than I was holding out for). Still working on it!

Well, as much as I feel like I just gypped you all for a post that has little solid information on anything that you guys were hoping for, that's all I have. If I hear anything important, I'll be sure to give you all a heads up. Until next time! (When, hopefully, we'll be at the final stages of translating, or, even better, HAVE A RELEASE FOR YOU! :D Cross your fingers!)


The pain...

Well, here's the current locations of each of the four core members of our translating team:

Hurricane = Prime transcriber, first editor
* Location = Home, on a farm, working 10 hour days, 5 days a week. Evidently, she's got a nice new tan. No clue why she shared that with me, but whatever. XD

ScarVes = Chinese assistant, double-checks our translations with her Chinese ones. Also helps with Kanji we don't understand.
* Location = Home in China, doing a roadtrip around the farmlands. Currently somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Adana = Main translator, Chief of editing (makes sure the edits are in line with what the text originally said)
* Location = Accompanying ScarVes, so as to get a better understanding of Chinese culture, or something like that.

UltimateKane99 = Head of project, Final editor, snack provider (the last one was tacked on when I volunteered to provide food for everyone.)
* Location = Home, being driven into the ground with 5 hours a day of yard work, and another 3 hours of job hunting for a summer job. In this economy... <.<

So we are all sort of either in agony or in the nether regions of some desert somewhere in China. T-T

On the other hand, we're still working, so we're trying to get a TON of translating done over the summer. However, since we are all spread out, we are having trouble contacting each other...

However, to get a jump on CMMD, I'm having another translator who I'm finally close enough to talk to (Tears of Darkness) compare Shutazen's translations and the novel, so as to make it easier to translate once we start crossing that bridge (Adana has BOMF, so ToD can start preliminary work on CMMD.)

As it is, we've got no time limit, but rest assured we're working our asses off. Well, at least two of us are. :D

However, good news from Dasvik! He's almost finished with Chapter 2, and will be releasing it shortly! Hooray! That makes at least one of us that's updating on time!


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We're on pages 170-71! The chapter ends on page 184!

>.> So an April release is sort of out of the question. However, we will continue moving along!

On the other hand, Adana is going to the Australian outback version of China! (Yeah, she's going into deep China. No internet... Which means no contact for about two weeks.) During that time, SHE WILL NOT SLEEP OR EAT OR ANYTHING EXCEPT TRANSLATE. We wish. But that won't happen. However, we'll keep translating! And then when everyone comes back in August, we should hopefully be up to chapter 4b/5a in terms of translation left to do. >.> Depending on how fast and how much she translates over the summer.

By the way, in other news, I'm watching Clannad, Kanon, and AIR currently. Finished Clannad and can honestly say that I was not expecting that series to make me cry so much. It's REALLY good. Kanon is also really good, although the supernatural feel to it sort of gave me a more detached feeling from that series than I got from Clannad. AIR is awesome just because it has a voice actor, for a dog named Potato, who says nothing but, "Pikopiko!" It's hysterical.

So I recommend all three.

I've got a couple more manga lined up for viewing, but I'm uncertain of any new anime. I heard interesting things about Vandread (a 2000 anime, but got "Very Good" to "Good" rating on Anime News Network.), so I'm wondering about it. I'm also looking at Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (GL for short... >.>) which got a "Masterpiece" rating on ANN. Since Code Geass got a "Masterpiece" rating, too, I'm pretty interested in it. Any others people can suggest?

Oh, and FYI, it's final exam time! Yay! X_X

Edit: WOAH! Evidently one of the people who read this thought that we weren't going to release anything until August.

That's NOT what I meant. What I meant was that we were breaking for the summer. However, we're going to be in constant contact with each other, and hopefully, can get a release done during the summer, assuming that everything works out, and we can get in contact with Adana. Then, if everything is still working nicely, we hope to get another release out by August/September.

Granted, this is best case scenario. After all, my initial best case was February. That didn't happen. However, we're so close to the end of this chapter that I'm pretty certain leaving the release until August would be a colossal waste of both our time and yours.

I'm terribly sorry for the confusion this caused.

Double Edit: This post was full of incorrect statements, evidently. XD I fixed the "Australian outback version of China" to "Chinese version of the Australian outback". Because we all know that the Australians speak Chinese fluently. XD

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